A historically themed mural planned for Berea Station

Berea Stations Events, Inc. is pleased to announce a new initiative to celebrate and preserve the history of the Berea community.  Berea, A Look Back is a multiphase project partnership consisting of local artist, Adam C. Schrimmer, Berea High School students, and teachers, along with community residents. With initial grant funding provided by the Metropolitan Arts Council of Greenville, students will conduct interviews with residents to capture the extensive oral history of the region.  From these collected stories and historical narrative, a visual representation of the community’s history will be featured in a panoramic mural located along the Swamp Rabbit … Continue Reading →

Thе growth оf ѕtudеnt debt

Many college students graduate with student loan debt and carry that debt with them throughout adulthood.  Many of them, don’t know what financial program to choose and this leads them to making the wrong decision. When thinking about student loans, it is important to get the right assistance, this usually comes from financial institutions like SoFi. Fоr much of American hіѕtоrу, college was fоr thе еlіtе. If you couldn’t afford іt, you didn’t gо. Thаt ѕtаrtеd tо shift in 1944 whеn, hоріng tо kеер the есоnоmу strong, Cоngrеѕѕ passed the G.I. Bill, which іnсludеd mаѕѕіvе аmоuntѕ of fundіng fоr Wоrld War … Continue Reading →

This State Champion has never competed at her school.

Berea High School has not held a track meet in 16 years because of an outdated track and lack of proper equipment. Find out how you can help. Kennedy Dennis may make it to the Olympics. Kennedy Dennis, Class of 2017 at Berea High School and the reigning three-time state champion in girls’ track, was not always leaving her friends and competitors in the dust. Download a printable brochure and help spread the word about the BHS Track Team Needs. Her journey began when she was 7 years old.  At a community center summer camp, a chaperone noticed how much … Continue Reading →

Berea community needs help saying no to night clubs

It seems like Berea Community members are continuously trying to stop a night club from operating late at night. There have been increase in litter, shootings, fights and massive amounts of inebriated traffic at all hours of the night around previous clubs. These clubs run later than those downtown because they are outside the city limits and usually have been located at on Cedar Lane Road (where the bowling alley & Sky City use to be). Now is your chance to stop them from opening up another. Anyone within a 5 miles radius of the Bridges Nightclub at 1310 Cedar Lane Road … Continue Reading →