Creating an Identity for the Berea Community

Creating an Identity for the Berea Community This presentation contains results from Berea’s Community Workshops including the new Berea logo and slogan. It also has information and photos about implementing branding to create a sense of place for Berea. Creating an Identity for the Berea Community was created and presented by Chris Campbell for the Berea Community Meeting held by the Greenville Planning Department on November 8, 2012.

Sulphur Springs Gateway project underway!

Have you noticed the work being done on the old rail car in Berea? Leadership Greenville chose “The Sulphur Springs Gateway” from many other projects presented to them. This project involves using the Berea rail car and area surrounding the Swamp Rabbit Trail as a gateway to the Berea Community. It was selected thanks to a proposal presented by County Planners and Administrative Personnel along with Rec District leaders. The details of the project are being worked out between Leadership Greenville and a group from County Planners.

Berea Logo

Thank you to everyone who came out to the branding workshop in June and has participated in the surveys so far. Residents have spoken and Berea now has its own official slogan. What is it? You’ll find out when you click on the link below. County Staff has worked with local residents to create several logo options to go along with this new slogan. Please take a minute and select your favorite on the survey. The final selection you make will be used in and around Berea in several different ways. We would like to get as much input on … Continue Reading →

Vulnerable Networks

If the networks remain unrestricted and unprotected for a long time, they can become vulnerable to various cyber-attacks and malicious activities. They are thus very susceptible to widespread attacks from various directions and to different cyber groups and actors. As these networks are highly scalable, these vulnerabilities could be exploited more quickly and at a larger scale, thus leaving the global economy at risk, see this site to get all the details. As such, the researchers are very concerned about the current security condition of the China Telecom and China Unicom networks and are calling for urgent action by the Chinese … Continue Reading →