The County joins with Berea residents to help the community

Greenville County is looking for Berea Residents who would like to help make the community a better place. Together they are forming Task Forces that will be focused on 5 main areas of concern. Please join one and help shape the future of Berea! Fill out this application form or just contact them via the page and let them know what Task Force you are interested in. It is important to keep in mind that the sub-topics are not limited to just those listed. Application is Due by March 10th. CULTURAL RESOURCES / RECREATION Old Berea High School/Elementary School Community … Continue Reading →


Help Us Grow a Better Berea Community

At a recent community meeting, Berea residents and stakeholders showed the county and investors that we care and are ready for action. Over 200 people showed up and listened to news about the Old Berea School and heard speakers from County Planning and Senior Action talk about future plans for Berea. Right now Berea residents are working on a “Berea Community Affiliation” to help guide and unify the area. If you have a suggestion or want to get involved in growing a better Berea please send an email to Gwen Bayne at Put BEREA in the subject line and she … Continue Reading →


Greenville County School Board Meeting – May 26 2015

On May 26th a group of Berea Community members went to the School Board Meeting to restate their concerns about the old Berea School. The Old Berea School was not on the agenda and is currently still under contract with Sembler. According to the Greenville County School District: The contract with Sembler ends on September 28th. The contract then allows Sembler to purchase extensions to the contract at 30 day increments for up to 120 days. It is solely at Sembler’s discretion as to whether or not they purchase the extensions, however, the funds for the extensions are nonrefundable and … Continue Reading →

Save the old Berea Elementary and the community with it!

To Whom It May Concern: I’m writing to share my support for the preservation of Berea Elementary School. I am graduate of Berea Elementary, along with my mother and father, Deanie and Debby Presnell, and my grandmother, Ruth Evelyn Farr and her brother and sisters, all members of the Farr family for whom Farrs Bridge road is named. My family has called Berea home since its founding, occupying a roughly 100-acre plot just one block from Berea Elementary on Sulphur Springs Rd. I have many fond memories of the old halls, the creaking floors of the school house, and walking to and from … Continue Reading →