Will old Berea School be saved by Meadow’s preposed resolution?

UPDATE! According to Council Meadows facebook page the resolution has been withdrawn. It is also withdrawn on the agenda. No other news is available at this time. THE OLD SCHOOL RESOLUTION FOR TONIGHT’S COUNCIL HAS BEEN WITHDRAWN Previous Post: This Tuesday Councilman Meadows will be presenting a resolution to Greenville County Council asking that $1,181,990 be removed from the budget that was set aside to go to the Greenville School District. The resolution will also ask that part of those funds be used to purchase the old Berea School with the remaining used to refurbish it. Greenville County and the … Continue Reading →

What can you do to keep Berea beautiful?

Here is a simple guide about what you can do to make the Berea community more beautiful. The below guide was produced by Litter on private property = Code Enforcement at 864-467-7090 Litter along roadside = Environmental Enforcement 864-371-3645 Illegal signs in the road right-of-way = Code Enforcement 864-467-7090 Witnessing someone littering = Environmental Enforcement 864-371-3645  


Berea Task Force Meetings

Emails have been sent out to all assigned Task Force members. The meetings are open to the public but if you are not a member of the task force you will not have voting power during meetings. Also all non-Task Force attendees will be asked to observe, only, and respect the direction of the formal Task Force. All current schedules are listed below and meetings are subject to change without public notification. There will be updates posted to the Berea Blog by Greenville County Planning. Community Appearance / Beautification
 Facilitator(s): Jonathan Hanna When: Thursdays 6:00 pm starting March 24th Where: Greenville … Continue Reading →


The County joins with Berea residents to help the community

Greenville County is looking for Berea Residents who would like to help make the community a better place. Together they are forming Task Forces that will be focused on 5 main areas of concern. Please join one and help shape the future of Berea! Fill out this application form or just contact them via the page and let them know what Task Force you are interested in. It is important to keep in mind that the sub-topics are not limited to just those listed. Application is Due by March 10th. CULTURAL RESOURCES / RECREATION Old Berea High School/Elementary School Community … Continue Reading →