Berea community needs help saying no to night clubs

It seems like Berea Community members are continuously trying to stop a night club from operating late at night. There have been increase in litter, shootings, fights and massive amounts of inebriated traffic at all hours of the night around previous clubs. These clubs run later than those downtown because they are outside the city limits and usually have been located at on Cedar Lane Road (where the bowling alley & Sky City use to be).

Now is your chance to stop them from opening up another. Anyone within a 5 miles radius of the Bridges Nightclub at 1310 Cedar Lane Road can help to deny their liquor license by signing a petition or writing a letter.

Please download the petition here and go around to your neighbors and community members and get them signed. Many signatures will be needed and turned in by June 14th. You can make a difference and keep Berea safer by helping to deny a liquor license for Bridges Nightclub which will be run by Emerald City Community Club LLC.

Here is what Councilman Meadows has suggested.

 Some individuals have asked what they could do to stop the Bridge Nightclub from coming to Berea.  The nightclub probably will not open if a liquor license is not issued.  At this time there are two options (you may do both):

1.  Write a letter opposing the issuance of a permit to sell alcohol.  You should give your reason for opposing the issuance of the license.
2.  Sign a petition and get others to sign the petition.  On my facebook page  is a petition for you to use to get your friends and neighbors to sign.  Because we must check to make sure those who sign are within a five mile radius (includes Berea, Sans Souci, Cherrydale, Furman and Travelers Rest) of The Bridge Nightclub,  Please print your name and address.
Go to my facebook page  to  print the petition. (it is available to download above) Before June 14 send filled out pages to me or Jan Jordan at 1205 Haynesworth Road, Greenville, SC 29617.
Willis Meadows

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