Taking down stacks of tires with zoning & code reviews

We have a real dilemma in Greenville County with used tires. It seems like every week another used automotive/repair shop is opening in our area. The Berea Community and County Council recently helped stop several new zoning changes that would have allowed for more. Sadly, both existing re-zoning classifications and codes fall short of providing guidance for automobile / tire sales early on in the application process. Also, Greenville County Codes officers need better defined codes so they can address this and other growing problems with enforceable solutions.

Additionally, Our 19th District representative Willis Meadows has been supportive in assuring that inappropriate re-zoning, and County Codes violations regarding signage and un-kept buildings have been addressed.

Working with the County Planning and Code Compliance office, a letter was crafted requesting that these issues be recognized and dealt with. Click here to Download the letter sent to Councilmen Meadows and also copied to our known Greater Berea area subdivisions.

Please support this initiative by contacting Willis Meadows. You can make a difference by sending letters, e-mailing or calling about this issue. Say that you are in support of the letter regarding County Zoning & Codes review for automobile & tire sales.

  • Address letters to Mr. Willis Meadows, 9 Queensbury Drive Greenville, SC 29617.
  • E-mail him at WMeadows@greenvillecounty.org.
  • Or call him at 864.419.8419.

With your help hopefully we all will be assured a better quality of life.

Here is the letter. Click to download a printable pdf.



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  • Robert says:

    I talked to Willis Meadows on the phone and I do not believe that he really cares about Berea. Stacks of tires and broken down cars are here to stay.

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