Re-zoning of old Berea School is denied, but it could still get approved

The Planning and Development Committee denied the re-zoning of the old Berea School on Monday April 6th.

Read what happened in this Greenville News article. Click Here.

Attendees were warned by Councilman Joe Dill that the ruling could change at the Second Reading in County Council Chambers on April 21st at 6:00 pm.

If it is approved there will be a last chance for denial at the Third Reading in County Council Chambers on May 5th at 6:00.

Prior to the meeting County Council Member Willis Meadows e-mailed out this statement to Berea Community members:

“Thank you for your concern about what may happen to the old Berea Elementary School. As I have read the e-mails, listened to the citzens’ phone calls, attended community meetings and talked with many others, it is evident that the Berea Community wants to save the school from demolition.

When the request for rezoning comes before the Planning and Development Committee Monday night I plan to make a motion to deny the request for rezoning.

You are welcome to attend the P&D committee meeting Monday night at 5 pm in room D at County Square.”

Berea Community members have started a group on Facebook called Save Old Berea Elementary SchoolClick here to join the group.

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  • Toni Gary says:

    I would love for this building to be donated to use as a central community center for the homeless, users, GED programs, tutoring, Bible Study, etc. It would be well useful. Everyone involved will be volunteering his or her time and special services to the community. All will be welcome.

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